Bird House Project

” Bird House Project ”
by Sara Nuytemans ( Netherlands ), Arya Pandjalu ( Indonesia )

Residency Project took place from 1 august till 30 august 2007 at Sika Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

August 25th – September 8th 2007

The idea is based on a former work of Arya Pandjalu, a birdhouse in the streets of Yogyakarta. This birdhouse was a reaction on the fact that in Java they shoot all the birds out of the air, for food or just for fun. With the birdhouse Arya wanted to say something about this reckless behavior by giving the birds a house where they can feel at home and save.
For the project Birdhouses we are going to build 4 different birdhouses: a church-birdhouse, a mosque-birdhouse, a temple-birdhouse and a synagogue-birdhouse. They will be made in plate metal, like Arya’s former birdhouses. This material is chosen in this project because of its uniformity and austerity, so that only the form speaks. The birdhouse will be placed in the beautiful public gardens on Bali.
The concept cuts two aspects. The inhabitants of Bali have more respect for nature then the inhabitants of Java. This has a lot to do with the difference in religious persuasion. Java is mainly Muslim while Bali is mainly Hindu. In Bali every creature can be a reincarnation of a known deceased. The consequence is that there are more birds in Bali then on Java and the birds have more freedom.
Another aspect of this project is the freedom of religious persuasion. Can we say that real freedom obtained by putting our own belief (‘the truth’) into perspective?

Description of the focus of our solo work:
Sara Nuytemans: “My work always presents the tension between what we consider virtual reality and physical reality. Our sensory experience – sensation – and what we try to develop on the mental-cognitive level – perception- are subtly but directly brought into confrontation with the relativity of reality: What you see is not always real.
My video-installations always contain kinetic, or interactive, elements. There is always something sensory and physical presented in a familiar form. The kinetic and interactive elements provide a bridge connecting the reality of viewing my work with the reality recorded as video data presented on screen.”

Arya Pandjalu: “I like to explore all kinds of media. I’m always trying to adapt to different media. That’s the sensation and challenge that interests me for making art. I often use used materials and found objects. In practice, I make prints, drawing, sculptures, dolls, objects and installations. My artworks reflect something melancholic, humor and is sensory overloaded with urban life.
During the last 5 years, I have been creating more artworks in public space such as murals and interactive installations, always in strong relation with society. Public art is one of the most effective method and medium to learn to deconstruct any form of stereotype of people and to understand and appreciate diversity and difference.”

In our work we are, each in our own way, experimenting with the relativity of reality.
Arya Pandjalu does it more on social/ psychological level while i do it more on a philosophical point. The project Birdprayers gives us the chance to go deeper into this concept by getting to know each others visions.

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