Interaction = Participation + Choise

“Interaction = Participation + Choise”

Chu Chueng

The exhibition will be held 20 December 2008 – 7 January 2009

An exhibition by painter or a sculptor is a common thing but, an exhibition of painting, sculptures, and prints by an architect, is definitely something different unusual and extra ordinary.

Mr. Chu Chueng (Born Nov 1, 1937) in Shanghai.China. He was raised, educated and worked in China, Hongkong,Taiwan and America, he received M.F.A in architecture from Princeton Univercity in U.S and had been a faculty at Universities, in America and Taiwan and lives in Bali since 2002 after retirement. Since 2003 he also maintain a studio at the factory 798 in Beijing, China, he always well utilizes his time for creative thinking, art Works reflect or demonstrate his thinking.

When the first time I met him four years ago, he show me some drawings and compositions of colors and shapes, based on the atmosphere of children playing is China. A year later invited to his studio in Sayan, Bali, where he showed me some of his sculptures. I was astonished with Mr. Chu’s work where he explored space, form bu using minimum means but give maximum choice. Subsequently, I invited him to have a exhibition at SIKA GALLERY in December 2006.

At the exhibition we encourage the participation of the visitors to change or rearrange Mr. Chu’s composition (pre-arranged) according to their own creativities and taste. This year SIKA GALLERY invite him to have an exhibition after year.

The exhibition has two parts. The first part is the continuation of the exhibition two years ago. Interaction = participation + choice exploration of objects and action. The second part is the exploration of image and mind. All the images presented are numbered only. Visitors are encourage to suggest their own titles for the images. Thus reflected from the message projected from the images, and the interpretations of the message by each visitors. This is game of image and mind.

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