by Leticia Andrea Balacek

22 april 2010

Leticia Andrea Balacek (Buenos Aires, Argentina – 1982) studied Architecture in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires (1999-2009). Since 2002, she has been working in diverse scale of projects and competitions for different local and international firms. She is native of Argentina but has also lived, worked and studied in the USA, the Netherlands and is currently settled in Bali – Indonesia. Her collaboration with others in her field, has won her several prizes in architecture. In 2009 she worked as teaching assistant for an architectural design course at the above-mentioned University.

The last years see her re-orienting herself deeper into art. In 2010, she successfully bagged a scholarship to study Fine Arts at ISI Bali – Indonesia, where she participates in several exhibitions.

She defines herself as creative, that does not just mean an artist, an architect or a traveler.
Artistic concept
How can you define yourself? How can you define a place, a culture?
Textures. A texture that is created by a personal perception, by a combination, a repetition, an overlapping of multiple images. Or maybe only one.
There is always a preconceived image, a very superficial one. The one that is always the same, the one that travels all around and does not change with the years. The one that does not say anything real.
But, can we see it and feel it differently? Can we give our own perception? A deeper analysis?
There is a moment where that city stops. Is not only about time and place. There is something in the air, something we can not only see but feel. A single meaning that reflects its own soul.
I want to show the world my insight, my own feeling, my own impression. I want the people to travel through me and my experiences. There is other reality of life; we just need to show it.
Proposal for the exhibition
“Textures” collection will be presented: “Life is Paradise (Bangkok) and “Transformations” (El Tigre, Buenos Aires). Mix media, short film and installation.

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