Sika Gallery opened in 1996 at the time of the 25 th anniversary of the founding of the Sanggar Dewata Indonesia artists foundation . At that time , the existing commercial galleries in Bali did not consider that the work of Sanggar Dewata Indonesia artists could be easily sold. These artists were young, creative, and often experimented with new techniques and aesthetic concepts. It was difficult for them to find a venue to exhibit their work in Bali, and for this reason,Sika decided to found the Sika Contemporary Art Gallery as an exhibition venue for Sanggar Dewata Indonesia artists. The gallery program focusses on temporary exhibitions and the promotion of contemporary Indonesia fine art . Sika Gallery holds at east three exhibitions of work by overseas artists annually, as well as a number of exhibitions by Indonesian artists. The gallery has become a prestigious exhibition venue with a reputation for showing work by artists with a high level of creativity and innovation. From 1996 to the present, Sika Contemporary Art Gallery has held exhibitions by artists from Indonesia, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, England, Austria, Lithuania and the USA.

Vission & Mission

Sika Gallery participates actively in the development of the arts in Bali, as part of the international art scene. Sika Gallery provides an exhibition space for creative, forward-thinking Balinese artists, especially those who have displayed skill in multi – media arts and who remain closely identified with the spirit of Balinese art and culture.

To motivate and stimulate the creativity of Balinese artists , we invite artists from other parts of Indonesia and overseas to exhibit at Sika Gallery. Through our annual exhibition schedule, we encourage the growth and development of the arts in Bali.

Owner Statement

While it can be said that all creative people are artists in their own particular way, those who are artists must be creative. The quality of an artwork can be measured by its level of creativity. By “creativity” I mean the creation of something new which has the potential to transform and break down traditional, standard ways of doing things , loosening the chains which limit freedom of expression and representation . Artistic development is the same as creative development.

Considering our commitment to actively, encourage artistic development , we have chosen to create an environment which gives creative , talented artists an opportunity to exhibit at Sika Gallery and to participate in international art events. Each year, we hold six exhibitions by Balinese artists , three exhibitions by artists from other parts of Indonesia, and three exhibitions by overseas artists.

This exhibition schedule results in a comparative study of work by artists of various nationalities. In particular , we hope to create an environment which encourages and inspires contemporary Balinese artists to be more willing to experiment with new techniques and ways of thinking in their artistic endeavours

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